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Warzone Season 2 Reloaded is here: upgrades, Rebirth Reinforced and Snoop Dogg returns

Snoop Dogg coming to Warzone and Vanguard in Season 2 Reloaded is wonderful news, because while it reflects that we live in a simulation, it also means the OG Doggy Dogg is coming to Call of Duty ! Besides, there are new weapons in the chamber of Raven Software -which is already touching- a serious revamp of the Rebirth map and, obviously, adjustments to improve the gaming experience .

It is true that among its novelties, Pacific Season 2 brought huge changes and additions, such as weapons, vehicles , places of interest, much-needed adjustments… but at this stage of the season there are still many things that will surprise you (and less bad, because the prospect of playing war these days is not particularly pleasant).

What’s new in Season 2 Reloaded for Warzone

Changes in Rebirth Island

Rebirth Island has n’t been touched in Warzone for over a year , and with this update it’s getting a new piece of map where you can face other players in the intimate. Stronghold is going to be the place of interest that will replace Security Area, which was one of the less remarkable maps. In addition, Prison Courtyard and Dock are added to the list of maps.

Be careful, the redeployment balloons are also coming to Rebirth. With this, it will now be much easier to relocate within the map environment itself. On the other hand, Communication Towers will be a new perk that, for $1,500 , will allow you to do a UAV-style arm wrestling to see who’s in your area.

To give the matter some publicity, Warzone will launch a limited event with challenges and rewards that go beyond individual or team play, since it will have a common goal for the entire community . The prizes will be a light machine gun blueprint, shovel experience, and being able to use the weapon swap stations around the island.

Weapon Swap Stations and Health Bonuses

Instead of spending money on weapons, advantages, streaks, etc., you can go to one of these exchange stations to leave your weapon and receive another of a lower category , yes, but also additional objects. It all depends on the rarity of what you drop, but you can take money , accessories, armor plates, revive kits, killstreaks…

On a different note, Raven apparently opened the door to find out what the community thought about the possibility of increasing base health from 100 to 150 . Apparently people were okay with the increase, so several playlists will include the change

Three game modes and Snoop Dogg

This season brings three new game modes to Rebirth: Solo Resurgence, which hasn’t been out in Warzone since 2020 , Loot, and Dirty Money. On the other hand, you will have available the operator pack of Snoop Dogg, a great fan of the franchise that already appeared in CoD: Ghosts. As you can see, he arrives decked out in 1940s looks.

Gameplay changes and improvements

Additionally, with Season 2 Reloaded several usability and gameplay improvements go into effect, such as gas mask animations, which can now be dropped ; the ability to go from prone to crouching when knocked down; the possibility of cutting the parachute much closer to the ground ; And another important change: Buy stations can now be placed wherever you want, not just in fixed places.

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