Top Best Fortnite Players 2021

Ranking the Best Fortnite Players 2021 is a complicated task, but somebody ought to do it. With Fortnite Esports making a massive resurgence in 2021, we are heading into one of the biggest years for the esports side of the game. With Fortnite Global Championship down the line, we are heading into one of the most competitive years to date.

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Fortnite Players 2021

Arkhram Fortnite

  • Arkhram real name is Diego Lima.
  • He is the part of popular fortnite team called,100 thieves.
  • Arkharam was a part of team who wins champion series and took 1rst place.
  • He also performs well in Cash Cups.
  • He joined the team in 2019 and he works hard to gain lots of popularity since then.

Rehx Fortnite

  • Rehx still didn’t reveal his name since he play.
  • He has become the one of the most popular fortnite player since from fortnite chapter 2.
  • He is also the part of team ,100 thieves.
  • He is also win the duo game tournaments with EpikWhale like dream hack open.

EpikWhale Fortnite

  • EpikWhale gamer is the popular gamer that is named by Shane Cotton.
  • He gained lots of popularity after the fortnite world cup.

JannisZ Fortnite

  • JannisZ is the popular fortnite gamer, who takes first place in Avesta Cups, FNCS Season 2 wam -up.
  • He is also termed as one of the most smartest fortnite player of all time.

Hen Fortnite

  • Hen is the one of the most popular gamer of fortnite , His real name is Henrik Mclean
  • Hen is the popular part of fortnite Trio with JannisZ.
  • He is also managed to win almost prizes that JannisZ had wone in FNCS recently.
  • Hen has also get the 3rd place in recent Solos Cash Cup.

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