Top 3 Selling Games After PUBG Mobile was Banned in India

The ban on PUBG Mobile in India certainly has shocked a lot of players out there. Of course, this is also a surprise for the mobile game industry, which has high hopes for PUBG Mobile.

In this way, PUBG Mobile players are forced to move to find a new Battle Royale game to replace the game. They have to move on to their competitors who maybe some of them have never tried it.

Although PUBG Mobile will not be back in India again, with very little hope of a comeback, some competitors are experiencing a high boom. Here are the games that feel the surge.

Games that Rise After PUBG Mobile is Banned

Garena Free Fire

Free Fire is the fiercest competitor that competes with PUBG Mobile from its first release to the world. This game is a game for players out there who are not strong enough to face the specifications of PUBG Mobile.

Since PUBG Mobile was banned, Free Fire received an additional 2.1 million downloads in the next 4 days.

On the Google Play Store, Free Fire has received more than 500 million downloads, so it is an advantage for Free Fire.

Call of Duty Mobile

COD Mobile is another competitor that always gives PUBG Mobile competition in terms of popularity.

Almost the whole world knows the name Call of Duty, of course, and there will definitely be a lot of people who will switch sides to this game.

Activision has experienced a tremendous increase in the number of downloads. COD Mobile had 1.15 million downloads in four days after PUBG Mobile was banned.

Now, with a total number of downloads of more than 100 million on the Google Play Store, COD Mobile has managed to make a profit due to the ban on PUBG Mobile.

Even if the latter brings PUBG Mobile back, it is possible that some players will end up using COD Mobile.


If you don’t know yet, Pabje is a clone of PUBG Mobile India which suddenly started downloading on a large scale after PUBG Mobile was banned. 

Lots of players are turning to this game, mainly because it shows up in the results when people try to find PUBG Mobile.

Pabje, as the name suggests, is a cheap clone of PUBG Mobile. This game managed to increase to over 100,000 downloads after being banned, mostly because PUBG Mobile players were tired of looking for something to make fun of.

So, more or less, 3 other games are on the rise after being banned from PUBG Mobile in India, guys! Which game do you think will sell the best?

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