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These are the 5 Best Free Fire AK Weapons

Even though the AK weapons in Free Fire have the best abilities in close and long-range combat, it’s incomplete without being wrapped in cool skins for AK FF weapons.

It could be said that the skin feature is a sweetening instrument in Free Fire that makes this battle royale game even more interesting. You can get weapon skins through in-game events or exchange a token. Once successful, the skin is immediately owned and ready to use.

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AK FF weapon skin, Pumpkin Flames

Launched by Garena on Halloween celebrations, the Pumpkin Flames skin has a ‘lit’ look with the typical smile of the Halloween monster, Jack O Lantern.

It looks scary, indeed, but the advantages are in the rate of fire and weapon accuracy, but the range has only decreased by 1 level.

Skull Hunter skin

To coincide with the Heroes’ Day event on November 10, 2020, Garena Free Fire presented an attractive prize in the form of an AK47 skin named Skull Hunter.

Players only need to have 50 salute tokens plus 1 hero token to get the Skull Hunter Free Fire skin. So what’s so special?

The Skull Hunter skin has a blend of 4 colors: red, light blue, purple, wrapped in a black background. At first glance, this skin will make you cooler in the battle arena.

Skin Water Balloon

The AK FF Water Ballon skin has more colorful features. Garena presents the Water Ballon skin during the Guild Race BOOYAH event! Ramadan 2020. To get this skin, players must play ranked by collecting as many points as possible.

The superiority of the Watter Ballon skin has an effect on damage that adds 1 level and magazine at 2 levels. However, the range has decreased by 1 level.

Flaming Dragon skin for AK FF weapon

Flaming Dragon skin, Players can get this skin by buying a Crate at the Shop for 60 diamonds.

For the appearance of the Flaming Dragon skin, there is an image of a dragon with a white pattern on a black weapon background. You could say, simple but not tacky.

The Flaming Dragon skin will make your AK weapon get additional damage and rate of fire. Of course, you can use this advantage to shoot enemies in a short time.

Flaming Red Skin

Flaming Red skin will make your AK weapon like ‘on fire’ because the red and yellow coloring is very thick.

Quoting information from the Randy Rangers YouTube channel Wednesday (3/2/2021), the Flaming Red skin is one of the rare items presented by Garena.

Regarding the addition of strength, the Flaming Red skin will provide 2 levels of damage plus a range of 1 level.

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