The new LG’s smart dishwasher kills 99.9% of bacteria and allergens

LG Electronics introduced to the market the LG DB325TXS dishwasher with the innovative TrueSteam function, which, according to the company, destroys up to 99.9% of bacteria and allergens. The device has also received many other valuable parts.

The novelty is equipped with QuadWash technology – a sprayer with four petals that release water jets at different angles for uniform washing of dishes when rotated. The SmartRack basket system allows you to adjust the height of the sections to place containers. There is also an LG TrueSteam function, which pumps high-temperature steam to soften dirt on the surface of the glass, enamel, etc.

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The LG DB325TXS has received many washing and drying modes: from an hourly turbo cycle to the measured pace of Dual Zone Wash, which operates with weak pressure for the upper level and vital for the lower level. The water temperature in the chamber in this mode reaches 80 °C. And the car also has a direct-drive inverter motor to improve energy efficiency and reduce noise – it is responsible for water pressure.

The new model is part of LG’s smart home and is managed through the LG ThinQ application, thanks to which you can customize the settings for any request of the owner. And with the Smart Diagnosis function, you can detect malfunctions.

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