The Hindi voice pack of Jonathan, Snax, and Kaztroto add in BGMI

The Hindi voice pack of Jonathan, Snax, and Kaztroto add in BGMI- As you all know, the BGMI game has created a huge player base within a few months of its launch. News is coming out about the Hindi voice pack in BGMI. According to the YouTuber Luckyman, the Hindi voice pack is going to be available in the upcoming update. 

Rumors are buzzing around that the popular Youtube streamers’ voices will be added to the Hindi voice pack. This includes Johnson, Snax, and Kaztro Voice Pack. The player will get a better gaming experience in the new updates.

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An esports player has shared a video of his script, which shows the voice lines of major esports streamers. It is said that we will see Hindi voice-packs in BGMI.

We do not know the full dialogue yet and don’t know how these dialogues will be spoken. It is being said that this information has been given by KAZTRO, SNAX, and KAZTRO were spotted together two days back and they have confirmed that BGMI is going to surprise these Hindi voice-packs in BGMI 1.8 update.

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