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Today October 25, the arrival of Geisha’s exclusive bundle in Free Fire

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The arrival of new bundles is definitely a piece of good news for Free Fire Lovers, Garena is making Free Fire more interesting day by day by introducing numerous exclusives Free Fire incubator.

As per leaks, today 25th of October 2020 Garena will unveil the most cultured Free Fire Incubator. Japanese style bundle- the Geisha, is appearing soon as the newest Incubator which is absolutely good news for bundle lovers.

Let’s check the prizes which you can get in this latest Incubator-

Geisha will replace the Black Widow Incubator who has accompanied us since September 27, 2020.

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To Get a Geisha Bundle- 

Players can get the Geisha Bundle by Spinning at the Incubator starting from Today 25th of October 2020. (You must use Diamond to spin.)

1x Spin:  60 Diamond / 1x Incubator Voucher

5x Spin:  240 Diamond

Geisha Bundle-

Geisha- Japanese style bundle come in 3 colour varieties:  red, gold and silver.

The Geisha bundle shows male characters as Samurai and female characters as Geisha.

Also, get the opportunity to get Blueprint of the following from Spin:

  • Noble Samurai  
  • Evolution Stone

Exchange the two items with the Geisha Bundle of your choice.

 Let’s check the geisha Bundle series below:

  • Ruby Samurai (M) 
  • Ruby Empress (F) 
  • Noble Samurai (M) 
  • Golden Empress (F)
  • Silver Samurai (M)
  • Silver Empress (F)

Ruby Bundles-

To exchange Ruby Samurai (M) and Ruby Empress (F) Bundles, players need  8 Evolution Stones and 3 Blueprints:  Noble Samurai.

Noble Bundles-

To exchange Noble Samurai (M) and Golden Empress (F) Bundles, players need  5 Evolution Stones and 2 Blueprints:  Noble Samurai.

Silver Bundles- 

To exchange Silver Samurai (M) and Silver Empress (F) Bundles, players need  2 Evolution Stones and 1 Blueprint:  Noble Samurai.

Prepare your Diamond and ready for the Spin Incubator on October 25th today!

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