How do I remove weapons in a lobby in Battleground Mobile India?

Instructions on how to remove weapons in the Battleground Mobile India lobby. Additionally, you can turn off the display of the helmet or backpack. It’s easy enough to do this in your inventory settings. Therefore, let’s get straight to the point. Read more How to unlink your Battleground Mobile India account from Facebook?

How do I remove weapons in a lobby in Battleground Mobile India?

  • Open the Battleground Mobile India main menu.
  • Go to the “Inventory” section.
  • Open the “Settings” section. To do this, click on the gear icon on the right.
  • Disable the “Show weapons in the main menu” option.
  • If necessary, disable the options “Show helmet in the main menu” and “Show backpack in the main menu.”
  • Click on the cross at the top to close the settings and return to the lobby.

Your character will now appear empty-handed. If desired, you can turn on the display of weapons again. We wish you success in the game! Read more PUBG Mobile Scout’s controls new codes in 2021

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