PUBG: Zombie Survival Mode is coming back

PUBG: Zombie Survival Mode is coming back– The Zombie Survival mode is coming back in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, its developers announced this week. Posts on social media were shared on Friday that teased not just the return of Zombie Survival but a revamped version of it known so far as “Zombie Survival 2.0.” There is no official release date yet, but we hope to learn more soon when the new mode is announced.

The tweet below shared on social media this week teased the return of Zombie Survival. The original version of this mode was announced last year and was part of the PUBG Labs feature for players to test out as an experimental mode. It’s a horde-based survival mode where teams of players face off against mounting waves of – you guessed it – zombies.

While we don’t yet know how this new version will play out compared to the old one, we do still have the details for how the original Zombie Survival mode worked.

Match Rules

  • Zombie Survival has a total of 10 stages that last 3 minutes each.
  • To get to the next stage:
  • Kill every zombie OR
  • At least one player has to stay alive until the end of the stage’s time limit.
  • After clearing a stage, your squad gets a 20-second break before moving on to the next stage.
  • The player(s) who died in the previous stage will come back alive and continue to the next stage.
  • The game will end if the entire squad gets wiped out.


  • Zombies spawn once a stage starts.
  • As you proceed along the stages, the number of zombies will increase, the zombies will get stronger, and special zombies will appear.

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Survival Coins and Equipment

Survival Coins

  • Earn Survival Coins by killing zombies.
  • The Survival Coins go to your inventory (can collect up to 999).
  • You can’t drop Survival Coins.
  • When players respawn, the players are given the same amount of coins they gained when the game began.


  • The basic set of equipment each player receives at the beginning of the game is:
  • Deagle
  • 60EA .45 ACP
  • Backpack (Level 3)
  • 1 Frag Grenade
  • You can purchase equipment with coins by entering your inventory.
  • Stronger weapons require more coins.


  • You gain scores by killing zombies.
  • You can check your score by looking at the world map.
  • Your team’s final scores will be shown after the game.

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