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PUBG: New State’s February update will add new weapons to the game

PUBG: New State players will have access to a wide variety of new weapons soon. In the February update for the game, a couple of new weapons are added, as well as some gun changes to improve their usability. 

New Weapons

PUBG: New State will get two new weapons. The first is the MP5K SMG that fires 9mm rounds. As with most SMGs, the weapon is best used in close-quarters situations. The gun can be equipped with any attachment and offers easy recoil control. The gun will spawn in Erangel, Troi, and the Training Grounds. 

The second weapon is one that will be familiar to many players of BGMI/PUBG: Mobile. It is a completely silent weapon that deals a large amount of damage. Despite this, players are limited to only one shot at a time and there is a long reload time involved. However, players can cut down reload time by 25% by attaching the crossbow-specific attachment. The weapon will use Bolts as ammunition and these will spawn on the field and can be purchased from the Drone Store. The weapon will spawn in Troi, Erangel, and Training Ground.

Weapon-Specific Changes 

Players will also be able to utilize two existing weapons, namely the DSR-1 sniper rifle and the M249 light machine gun. Snipers will now be able to use the backup magazine on the DSR-1, which reduces the gun’s reload time. With this update, once the 5 bullets in the primary magazine are all used up, the backup 5 bullets can be quickly accessed. However, players will then have to reload both magazines. Tapping the reload button once will reload the main magazine while tapping a second time reloads the backup magazine. 

The M249 light machine gun gets a Bullet Shield customization. This is an attachable shield that can block enemy fire and is impervious to damage. This gives an M249 player additional protection, which makes laying down suppressing fire much easier. However, it should be noted that with this attachment, ADS speed is slightly decreased.

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