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PUBG: NEW STATE- Tips to use The Green Flare Gun

PUBG: NEW STATE- Tips to use The Green Flare Gun– Here, is one more tool in PUBG and that is named The Green Flare Gun. This Gun is a very useful tool in the Game. It can bring back your dead member of your team. So, you don’t have to worry about your dead member and your squad won’t have to fight alone. But for this, You need to know about the Green Flare Gun. Like, where to find it how to use it.

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So, when you get to use the Gun. you have to fire it into the air to get ready. You have to wait until one of your teammates has been dead for 90 sec. After that, you can use this gun to bring back the member. They will drop on the field from the sky, when they land they will get the chance to sync up with you. But, the revived player does not have any gear, so they’ll have to start from scratch. If you already have a four-membered team. You don’t revive another player.

You can randomly find The Green Flare Gun in the game because it revives a dead player and has luck finding it before other players.

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