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PUBG: New State- Tip to find Drone Credits

PUBG: New State- Tip to find Drone Credits– In PUBG: New State when your player and your squadmates get injured. First, you want to call a Drone to Aid you with this you need to find Drone credits. You might be lucky. If you, yourself received an airdrop from a Drone. So, here you will get the information about where to find drone credits in PUBG: new state.

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For finding a Drone you need to visit locations that are surely not looted yet, you can find Drone credits on the ground as well while exploring the game, you may find them all over the place. If the location is looted you may not find any Drone credits on the ground.

The Drone credits will be shown in your inventory before you see them on the ground because they look like small piles of Dollars stacked on top of each other. When you go through them while playing PUBG: New state match. You would grab them and they will be added to your inventory.

To open the Drone store. You first have to get enough drone Credits, Once you get them, you can click the small money stack on your UI to open the store. After the store opens you can purchase any item you want and will get delivered to you and your squad while playing. But you have to give away your position when you use the Drone delivery service.

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