PUBG: New State Offering 3 Free Tickets for Free Lord of Blood Crate

PUBG: New State Offering 3 Free Tickets for Free Lord of Blood Crate- PUBG: New State has become a very much popular game all over the world, and it recently reached 45+ million downloads worldwide. Recently, we can in other words that celebrating this new update adds new features to the game, including a “Lord of Blood” cosmetics package.  

This new special crate includes a stunning new Blood Robe, a mythical garment, cosmetic skins for various weapons in the game, and level 3 awards like emotes and nameplate effects, as well as level 3 goodies like emotes and nameplate effects.

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How to Get Lord of Blood Crate?

The WINTERCARNIVAL15 coupon code can be redeemed for a new “Winter Carnival” crate, which is being presented as a “symbol of thanks” for the players’ “constant support,” according to a tweet from PUBG: New State’s official handle. The promo code will expire at 00:59 UTC on January 6, 2022. (6:29 am IST). The crate will include a variety of gifts that will be credited immediately to the player’s account. Ghost Mariachi Top, sunglasses, and shoes might be among the prizes.

These cosmetics don’t necessarily add any new abilities or power-ups in PUBG New State but they’re still pretty cool to look at. These tickets can be redeemed in the in-game shop, and this is not the only crate players can get their hands on. There’s plenty more to like in the PUBG New State shop, including the newly introduced Winter Carnival crate.

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In the December update, it has also introduced two new vehicles in the game, namely Mesta and Electron. Mesta is a two-seater looking like a vintage sports edition. The vehicle has top speeds and rapid acceleration. On the other hand, we have Electron, an electric six-seater minibus. It is the most durable vehicle in the game. Players can also change their seats while being in the vehicle. 

Also, the update brings a new weapon named L85A3. This is an assault rifle with low recoil. This offers the highest damage as compared to all other 5.56mm rifles available in the game.

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