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PUBG New State: December 9 Update Patch Notes and more

PUBG New State: December 9 Update Patch Notes and more- PUBG: New State is an advanced version of PUBG Mobile or we can say that The new title is the successor of PUBG Mobile and brings the PC experience to the mobile platforms with higher graphics and a more immersive experience. It supports Solo, Classic Squad, and Team Up Squad modes.

PUBG New State is going to be patched on 9th December. This is a big update from Krafton in which many new features have been added. From gun improvements to Survivor Pass Vol. 2 will also be seen.

On the other hand, Looking at the complaints of the players after the release of the game on Nov 4, 2021, the developers are rolling out new updates to improve the game performance so that all issues can be resolved quickly. 

This time there is a lot of new things in the game. You need to download the latest version of PUBG New State to take advantage of the latest patch notes on 9th December.

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Note: The size of the APK file is 1.39 GB, so players are advised to free the space before downloading the APK file on their Android smartphones. The new patch will be implemented on both Android and iOS devices.

List of upcoming patches on 9 Dec 2021:

  • New Weapon: L85A3
  • New Gun Customization: L85A3 [C1] Vertical Foregrip Bipod
  • New Gun Customization: M416 [C2] Long Barrel
  • New Gun Customization: SLR [C2] 5.56mm Barrel
  • New Vehicle: Electron
  • Survivor Pass Vol. 2
  • New Vehicle: Mesta
  • New Lobby Theme
  • Improvements in Character Controls and Actions
  • Changes in FPP Mode Feature
  • Changes in Station (Team Deathmatch)
  • A new Merit Points System
  • Graphic quality in Map
  • Survivors who have been banned for using unauthorized 3rd-party programs will be deleted from the Ranks in real-time

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