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Top Best PUBG Mobile Streamers In the USA

Pubg Mobile is the most famous battleground game in the world. Here we are providing a list of the Top Best PUBG Mobile Streamers In the USA/ America The names chosen in the list are based on their video views, channel subscriptions, fan base, and PUBG competition records.

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Powerbang: USA

Powerbang is a true mobile gamer. He plugged away at Clash of Clans for years before PUBG Mobile came along to catapult his career. Now, he’s basically a brand ambassador. If there’s a PUBG Mobile event going on, you better believe he’ll pop up in photos on the game’s official Twitter page. Powerbang posts numerous times a week. After all, barely a day goes by that Tencent doesn’t toss another outfit or gun skin into the cash shop. So when he’s not crushing his opponents and passing that knowledge onto us lowly scrubs, he’s trying his luck and shining a spotlight on the many hackers a man with his playtime comes across.

The7WorldsGaming: USA

With 350,000 subs under his belt, The7WorldsGaming isn’t quite as big as Powerbang, but he’s amassed a following that’s certainly not to be sniffed at. Thnk of this man as a go-between. He’s not so big for you to feel like your sub means nothing, but he’s not big enough to get caught up in any weird controversies.

This man is quite the character. He’s the loud, boisterous type of PUBG Mobile player. The kind of person you’d expect to see screaming maniacally at a ball game, or even at the TV. It could be a case of first impression syndrome, but if you’re the more reserved type, his energetic personality might be a bit much. If not, The7WorldsGaming has a lot to offer. While he splits his times between a few different games, the brunt of his channel revolves around PUBG Mobile. Better yet, he’s really into the esports scene, so you’ll see player interviews spring up whenever a major tournament comes around.

InkedMermaidxx: USA

I came across Merms through a real quick search for PUBG Mobile on Twitch. She could have been buried by any number of other streamers, but her punctuality keeps her on top. She’s certainly no pro from what I can tell, but why does she need to be? Look above if you want the stellar gameplay, but look to her if you want someone close to your own skill level by your side. Someone to reassure you that it’s impossible to win every game.

It’s easy to pick apart your own skills when you spend all day watching the best of the best dominate the leaderboards, so switching over to InkedMermaidxx and her buddies can bring equilibrium to your mindset.

Dr. DisRespect: USA

Dr. DisRespect is a famous American Twitch streamer and has been playing video games for a long time. He has a huge fan following, yup the slick daddy club is so big that Dr. DisRespect is considered a celebrity. Dr. DisRespect is a great PlayerUnknown’s Battleground player, especially a great sniper. He not only provides professional gameplays but also entertaining streams.

ChocoTaco: USA

ChocoTaco was not a streamer from the beginning. In terms of career, he was an educator with a decent salary. Many of you might not know about it, but streaming as a job was a decision that ChocoTaco made in the latter part of the career. After having an average amount of audience, ChocoTaco left his job as an educator and began streaming full time. He’s a great PlayerUnknown’s Battleground Player, the best thing about ChocoTaco is his stream environment. He’s a calm, collected, professional PUBG player who also provides some fun streams. Read more 5 Best PUBG Mobile Landing Locations on Erangel March 2021


Rollexx is another best PUBG mobile player in the world. He is a professional E-Sports PUBG player from the United States of America. Like all other professional PUBG players, he is also well known for his pro gaming skills, fast reflexes, and intense rush gameplay. He has been in esports organizations and played many tournaments and challenges. He also has a gaming youtube channel where he live-streams his gameplay and entertains his followers and subscribers. With his outstanding gaming skills, Rollexxx is on the list of the top 10 best PUBG mobile players. ROLLEXX PUBG Profile details such as PUBG ID, Name are as follows. Read more PUBG Mobile Mortal’s controls new codes in 2021

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