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PUBG Mobile Season 16 Tier Rewards Leaks – Check the prize

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The new season of PUBG Mobile is going to be completely historical, and today we are going to tell you some leaks of this exciting season 16.

The new season of PUBG Mobile is full of surprises as it has a lot of fresh, freakish, and engaging items.

So, let’s say goodbye to your wait and open a box of leaks.

First, let’s talk about Tier Rewards.

PUBG Mobile rewards players with numerous new outfits and weapon skins on surpassing tiers in the game.

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Actually, after reaching every new tier, the player has to complete five games in that particular tier after which he is rewarded with the reward of that tier. 

  • Gold tier reward [Outfit] –This themed outfit will be the reward for the players reaching the Gold tier. its appearance will be of an officer or a commander of the Ship, which is very attractive. Yes, it is a little faint as compared to the previous outfit but it would be nice to look like an officer. The name of the outfit is not known yet and the mask will not be included in this tier’s reward.
  • Platinum Tier [Mask] –The mask that was shown with the outfit of the Gold tier will be available in the Platinum tier. The color of the mask matches the color of the outfit, as we all know that covid-19 is taking effect everywhere. The texture of this mask is a fact that even PUBG Mobile is not untouched by it.
  • Diamond Tier [SLR Skin]- An exclusive gun skin for SLR will be the reward for the players reaching the Diamond tier. Matching the theme, we will get the SLR Skin which is amazing. it is a perfect and attractive combination of Gold and Silver which ​​makes it even more awesome.
  • Ace Tier [Parachute Skin]- A Season 16 Parachute will be rewarded at the Ace tier and as you can see, the theme of the parachute matches the theme of the Gold tier outfit.
  • Conqueror Tier [Season Frame]- Just like every other season, a Season 16 frame will be given to the players reaching the Conqueror tier.

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