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PUBG Mobile 1.6 Update – Everything you need to know – Download Link, Features, Release Date

This week Tencent will release the PUBG Mobile 1.6 version update. We’ll tell you what’s new in PUBG Mobile 1.6. The Vikendi 2.0 map is waiting for players, as well as the new Flora Menace mode. In addition, three old modes will be added to the game.

PUBG Mobile 1.6 Update

Currently, the beta version of PUBG Mobile 1.6 is going on. Everyone can try the new version of the game. To do this, you need to get the invitation code in the “Events” section. Next, download the test version of the game and log in as a guest using the code you received earlier.

New Features of PUBG Mobile 1.6

The 1.6 PUBG Mobile update will bring a new version of the Vikendi map. The location will receive a massive graphical update. In addition, trains will run on the map. And most of the snow will be gone. The changes will also affect the beloved Dino Park. On Vikendi 2.0 it will be called Dino Land.

A new mode called “Flora Menace” awaits us. It will be available exclusively on the Erangel map. Here are some of the features of the new mode:

  • Rejuvenation Barrier: Small areas that appear randomly on the map. They restore health to the player while he is resting from gunfights. Also inside the barrier you can find various equipment.
  • Matrix cells: You can find cells at specific locations on the map. If you go into the cell, then you will be teleported to the airship above the map. Inside the ship, you will meet other players. Defeat enemies to get special chips. At the end of the time, the airship will disappear, and the players will be thrown to the ground.
  • Dyna Hex Supplies: You can use the chips you’ve collected to summon a new kind of supplies. This will allow you to get the best equipment possible.

In addition to the new “Flora Menace” mode, the “Evo Zone” section will contain the old modes that were previously removed from PUBG Mobile. Among them: Infection Mode, Survive Till Dawn, and Metro Royale: Reunion.

This is the developer’s answer to the requests of players who have missed their favorite modes. Now players will have access to two long-awaited modes about zombies. Plus the Metro Royale mode, where players collect gear and head back to base.

PUBG Mobile 1.6 Patch Notes

The 1.6. update is based on the epic Cell-Matrix! According to Pubg mobile If only it was that simple, though. Command tells us that a dangerous meteorite is speeding straight to Erangel! Hopefully, you’re ready to survive the Yarilo invasion.

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