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PS5 and PS4 get a new update with all these improvements and new features

Sony announces the release of this major software update for both consoles, whose beta begins on February 9. All the details.

PlayStation has announced a major update to the PS5 and PS4 software that seeks to incorporate new functionsfeatures and quality of life details that the community has been demanding for some time. With a beta that will begin to be released from this February 9, the world premiere is scheduled for a later date. 

However, we already know the main features of the patch, which we summarize below and break down below:

  • Open and closed group chats.
  • News in voice chats and Share Play.
  • New functions and features in the interface.
  • New accessibility options.
  • New voice commands.
  • Volume adjustments in group chats for each participant.
  • Game Base/Control Center adds group chats.

For now, these features will be beta tested for select users who will be notified by email in these countries: France, Germany, United Kingdom, Japan, Canada, and United States.

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