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PS4 and PS5 system updates will be launched today. The VRR function will be launched a few months later.

Today, Sony announced that the latest system updates of PS5 and PS4 will be launched today, and support for VRR functions will be launched for PS5 in the next few months.

New features of PS5 and PS4

Players will be able to create or join open/closed parties on PS5 and PS4 consoles.
On PS5, Game Base and Trophy pages bring new UI enhancements, as well as accessibility features such as headphone mono audio.

PS5 players who register accounts in the United States or the United Kingdom will be able to test the Voice Command (Preview) function, which allows them to find and open games, applications and settings, and use voice control media playback (English language settings only).

To revisit some of the features of PS5, you can open the new Pro Tips tab.\PS App and PS Remote Play
Starting later today, Sony will launch the ability to create or join open/closed parties for the PS app. In addition, the UI of PS App Game Base will be updated to make it easier to access friends, gatherings and messages, providing the same social experience as PS5.\PS Remote Play users can experience the new “dark mode” according to their mobile phone settings, adding simplified and traditional Chinese language options.

Upcoming: Variable refresh rate support for PS5

Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) is scheduled to be launched on PS5 in the next few months. On HDMI 2.1-compatible TV and PC displays, VRR will improve the visual experience of PS5 games by minimizing or eliminating visual interference (such as frame instability and picture tearing).

Previously released PS5 games can adapt to the VRR function through game patches, and future games may include support for VRR when they are released.

You can also choose to apply VRR to unsupported PS5 games. If there is any unexpected visual problem, you can turn this option off at any time.

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