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We totally understand that as a user/reader of GamiXer you trust our website when it comes to any personal information you share with us. The website’s Privacy Policy clearly states the three Ws of data collection, viz. what all user-related data we gather, why we collect it, and what we do with it.

GamiXer is focused on breaking Gaming news, which effectively means we always strive to explore and highlight information we believe our readers should be made aware of. From Gaming News, Mobile Games, PC Game, Gaming Products.

Anyone who visits the site can easily search and access all the available information. In addition, readers can also share their thoughts and opinions by commenting on news stories.

We have social networking accounts on micro-blogging site Twitter as well as Instagram, Facebook, and Telegram. Readers can follow us on these platforms to receive notifications, share any relevant information, and/or engage in an active conversation.

While we are already quite active on all social media platforms we have a presence on, in case you want to reach out privately, feel free to contact us through email.


Currently, GamiXer isn’t directly involved in collecting any personal user-data, but some third-party services or products it uses do gather information of users/readers who visit our website. So the following is what you need to know in this regard:

Google Analytics: The statistics generated by Google Analytics – a popular web analytics service from Google – does require the service to fetch some user information, something it does use cookies. To know more about Google Analytics in this context, you can head to their Terms of Service page and Google’s generic privacy policy.

Google clearly explains how the company uses data when you use their products like AdSense or Analytics – head here and here for details.

Note 1: For revenue generation, we may go for online advertising on our website in the near future. We will update the privacy policy as and when that happens. We are now using Google Adsense ads on our site for revenue generation.

Note 2: However, we would like to share with you in advance that most ad vendors, including Google, use cookies in order to serve ads that are based on users’ prior visits to the website in question or other websites they’ve visited in the past. To opt-out of personalized advertising in the case of Google AdSense, head here, and in case of some other third-party vendors, head here.


Reading or exploring articles on GamiXer currently doesn’t require a login or subscription. Those who wish to comment on any of the stories can do that through Comments, which requires the user’s email before commenting.

Users are advised not to share any of their personal information when interacting with other users/readers in the comments section.


We always try to maintain transparency when it comes to our sources (from where we gather our news), giving complete credits to the actual source. We generally use publicly accessible information on official and unofficial help forums as well as social media platforms, including but not limited to Twitter, and Facebook.

In case anyone has any issue with us sharing or accessing information originally shared by them, they can reach out to us, and we’ll be happy to address their concerns, even if it requires pulling the content from the website.

We do understand people have different privacy concerns. So, if a user wants to share any info privately, they can contact us through email, and depending upon their preference, we may or may not disclose their identity.

Finally, in case we wish to use the information shared with us for a purpose other than those set out in this Privacy Policy, we may ask the concerned person for their consent.


While most sources used in our stories are publicly accessible, sometimes we do receive information in the form of tips. In such cases, unless the tipster specifically stresses we maintain the integrity of the information shared by them, we assume we can use, modify, and share it in any way we want.


There are several scenarios where-in, if asked, we will provide any kind of information (including user data, if any). These include:

  • Government or law enforcement requests
  • For the investigation of security/technical issues, or potential violations of our site’s policies and terms

To defend against any other direct or indirect harm caused to GamiXer and its properties.

While we don’t directly share users’ (or readers’) personal information, we may, at any point in time, share with third-parties aggregate information collected from whatever data we have (including user data). For example, we may reveal how many visitors GamiXer gets per month or week.


Our privacy policy applies only to the content that we publish on our website. None of it applies to services offered by other companies/websites/publications/blogs or individuals, including sources that we link in articles on our website, and those that link to our site.


We perform regular reviews to make sure everything we do is in line with our privacy policy. In case of any formal complaints, we’ll surely follow up with the complainant to get the matter resolved. If and when any such situation arises, we are open to working with appropriate authorities to resolve the complaints.


GamiXer‘s privacy policy may change from time to time. Any changes in the privacy policy will be reflected here, so we suggest you keep visiting this page regularly to stay updated – always look out for the ‘Last modified on a date’ at the bottom. Moreover, in the case of any significant changes in the policy, readers/users will be specifically notified by us through the available channels.

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