Pou Gets A New Update: Check What’s New [1.4.95]

Zakeh Ltd released a new update Pou, with version number 1.4.95. The new update added many new features, fix some bugs, and improve the gaming experience. The new update size is different according to devices.

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  • (bug fixes)
  • Hat: Headphones! ^^ Eyeglasses: Lovely! ^^
  • Wallpapers: Valentines! ^^ New Shoes! ^^
  • Police Outfit & Hat! ^^ Cheaper Outfits & Hats! ^^
  • Ghost Halloween Outfit! ^^ Witch Dress Outfit! ^^
  • Witch Hat Colors! ^^ New Food!^^
  • Game: Connect 2!^^ Pou & Pet: Mask!^^
  • Outfit: Superhero!^^ Game: Beach Volley + PvP! ^^
  • Hats: Head Bows & Crowns! ^^ Pou: Headbands! ^^
  • Settings: Language! ^_^
Release DateMarch 28, 2022
Version Number1.4.95
Update Size23M
Download LinkLink

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