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New event will bring “Plano Bermuda” overalls to Free Fire

Friday (9/11), is when “ Magias Premiadas ” returns to Free Fire. This is an event known for bringing the set of the Zombified Samurai, and the Angelic Pants. However, for the first time, neither of them will come to the event. This is because, this new version will be focused on the costume / overalls “ Plano Bermuda ”.

In addition to the third La Casa de Papel skin to arrive on the Brazilian server, we will also have the Panela skin – Plano Bermuda . We only lacked a themed grenade to complete the series’ arsenal, do you agree?

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You can choose between two options to rotate the event. The first one, called “ Basic Summoning ” costs 40 diamonds. The second, “ Premium Summoning ” costs 240 diamonds, because it gives you a much better chance of winning the grand prize compared to the first.

It is possible to purchase an item called “ Stone of Destiny ” for 10 diamonds to increase the chance by 500%. This applies to both types of invocation.

NOTE: The explanation of the functioning of the event was made based on a version of the event that has already come to the game, but there may be changes on the part of Garena.

Is it worth spending on it?
This event uses pure luck as its merit, and has no established limit. Besides, of course, being considered one of the most stolen of Free Fire. Some people have already spent thousands of diamonds in search of the Angelic Pants, and have had no success.


If you like the skin, and are able to spend a lot on the event, go ahead. Now say it’s worth it, I don’t say no. On the one hand, it is likely that this skin will never return to the game, as it did with other skins that came through partnerships. So… in the end who decides what you do is up to you. We are only here to instruct you.

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