Orange Rock Team BGMI Esports Team Players Name 2021

Finally, BGMI (BattleGround Mobile India) entered Indian mobile gaming. Esports tournament has been started and so many new teams and the old team enter in this competition. Here we are discussing Oragnege Rock Team BGMI Esports Team Players Name 2021. Check more Google Baba Gaming BGMI ID, Wiki, Biography, Income, Age

Orange Rock is one of the most successful teams in India. But its most powerful players Scout OP and Mavi left this team and joined Team Soul. Check more BGMI: Kronten Gaming BGMI ID, Real name, IGN, income, and more

At the time of BGMI’s announcement, Krafton had promised exclusive tournaments and events explicitly for the Indian audience. They have made good on their statement and have finally announced its first open for all esports tournament, the Battlegrounds Mobile India Series 2021.

Team Orange Rock Member 2021

  • anto26

anto26 real name: Joe Michael Anto

  • AdityA

Aditya real name: Aditya Mathe

  • vexe

Vexe real name: Arth Trivedi

  • Destro

Destro real name: Ammar Khan

  • Gill

Gill real name: Arshpreet Gill Singh

  • Light Uzumaki

Light Uzamaki real name: 

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