Spooky has begun with the comeback of Infection Mode in PUBG Mobile

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Halloween is a celebration observed in many countries on 31 October, it sounds scary but in reality, it is enthralling.

Halloween so close, it goes without saying that PUBG Moblie will bring some spookiness into the game. The Halloween season at PUBG Mobile bringing lots of excitement. To celebrate the Halloween PUBG Mobile will represent an Infection mode where players will face terrible zombies.

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Along with Classic battle royale mode, other modes like Arcade (Quick Match, War, Sniper Training), EvoGround(RageGare, Payload), Arena(Gun Game, Arena Training, TDM) are also the choice of players.

“Infection Mode” was first introduced on PUBG Mobile last year with the 0.14.0 update. However, the game was only available for a limited time. 

According to the Tweet by the PUBG Mobile official account, The game mode has made a comeback in today’s patch! As go closer towards Halloween we hope to see more spooky modes.

As compared to the previous infection mode, the graphics of this mode is much more advance as the developers have added some great elements of horror around this time, which have all consistently intrigued the players.

Be ready to face the horror!

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