How to improve the BGMI gaming experience on smartphones

BGMI game on mobile phones has grown in popularity. This growth is partly down to the advancements we’ve seen in mobile computing in the last decade. Modern-day smartphones offer plenty of power which helps them tackle resource-intensive applications and heavy-duty games without much trouble. While getting the best experience out of games requires powerful hardware, at times it is not enough.

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These will be simple tricks that will help you get the best out of your phone by boosting the performance of the device while playing BGMI on your smartphone.

  • Increase Refresh Rate
  • Using Game Mode
  • Enable Dolby sound

One of the easiest ways to improve the gaming experience on a smartphone is to set its display to refresh at the highest possible setting. Today high refresh displays have become a norm, as such, it is quite possible that your new Android phone also supports this feature.

Most phone makers today equip their phones with their own version of a game mode that promises to enhance gaming performance without much trouble. This mode helps optimize the phone’s performance to enhance the gaming experience of the phone. 

Depending on the phone of your choice, you can also enable Dolby Atmos support on your phone. This is a special audio enhancement, that adds a layer of effect to your device’s audio to produce a more surround-sound and immersive experience. 

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