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How to get emotes in Battleground Mobile India for free?

We will show you working ways to help you get emotions in Battleground Mobile India. And it’s completely free.

Emotions are animations for a playable character that can be used to entertain and communicate with partners or enemies. For example, there is a dance animation to celebrate the victory over the enemy.

There are also various animations for greetings and showing signs of attention to friends. And some of them allow you to provoke and tease enemies. Emotions make the gameplay of Battleground Mobile India much brighter, which is why they have long been an important part of the game. So in this article, we are going to talk about free ways to get emotes in Battleground Mobile India. Read more How to unlink your Battleground Mobile India account from Facebook?

How do I get emotes in Battleground Mobile India?

Emotes are earned by playing regularly and completing the daily and weekly Royale Pass missions. Completing quests will increase your RP, which in turn will unlock emote rewards.

You can also purchase emotes in the Battleground Mobile India play store. To do this, you will need the free currency silver. It can be obtained for regularly logging into the game, as well as for completing various achievements and tasks.

Players can also exchange BP for silver. You can make an exchange in the game store in the “BP” section. Please note that the store’s assortment is constantly changing. If you did not find emotions in the “Exchange” section, they may appear there a little later. Read more Battleground Mobile India’s controls new codes in 2021

The last way to get emotions is with promotional codes. These are gift codes for in-game items that the game developers occasionally publish. They allow you to get not only skins for clothes and weapons but also emotions for the character. A list of up-to-date promo codes for Battleground Mobile India can be found here.

Gift codes have a limited number of activations. Therefore, always try to be among the first to activate promotional codes. This will allow you to get your reward without any problems.

If you have successfully redeemed the code, open your in-game mail and take the item you received. But if you get an error during activation, refresh the picture with numbers and try entering the code again. If this did not solve the problem, then you can conclude that the code has already lost its relevance. Read more How do I get the Conqueror in Battleground Mobile India?

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