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Garena Free Fire’s New “Item Scanner” Features

The most important part of Garena Free Fire which makes it different from other online games is its Features. Multiple Games of the same functionality are available in our PlayStore and AppStore and the task of making these games look better, interesting, attractive, and more adventurous than one another is of Features. 

Garena provides a lot of features to its players, to give them a better gaming experience. Garena Free Fire is the Number 1 online Game, played all over the world. Free Fire just did a patch update. There are many new things, such as buffs and nerves for various weapons, a new room at the Training Ground, and many more.

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Next in line, it is anticipated that Garena Free Fire will introduce Item Scanner which helps players survive in the game. (which has just been rumored to have the latest update)

Item scanner-  Item Scanner is an item that players can use to detect enemies around the user. This item is very useful for players because the player can use it to kill enemies around him. It is also expected in the next update that this Item Scanner can be used to detect vehicles around the Player.

Helps in strategy making-  with the use of this Item Scanner Player will immediately be able to strategize at the beginning. As soon as, the player gets off the plane, the player will be able to immediately search for vehicles, as well as to detect enemies around you.

It looks very interesting listening, we are not able to wait for its arrival and you!

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