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Garena Free Fire unmatched package: Queen of Boxing

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Good news for players who are waiting for a female boxing package after the arrival of King Boxer, as Garena Free Fire Uncovered the fantastic female skin of the Queen of Boxing who arrives at the Choice Royale event but it is currently available in Brazil (The package arrives this Monday, October 5th / 2020)

As per leaks, Queen of Boxing will be Soon available for all servers.

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If we talk about the Choice Royale event then, this event is available with other Lucky Royale, in the main game tab. this is a Free Fire event that consists of 10 items available on a roulette wheel, where players need to drop 2 of them, choosing only 8 items to start the spins.

Diamonds needed to catch the Queen of Boxing at Choice Royale Event-


  • 1st 9 Diamonds
  • 2nd 29 Diamonds
  • 3rd 59 Diamonds
  • 4th 99 Diamonds
  • 5th 199 Diamonds
  • 6th 399 Diamonds
  • 7th 399 Diamonds
  • 8th 799 Diamonds

Total of 8 spins= 1,992 diamonds.

Depending on luck some Players can win the package in the first round, but even after that, it may also be necessary to complete all the rounds of the event, totaling 1,992 diamonds.

we are really impatient for its arrival on our server, And you?

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