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Garena Free Fire New goodies on Magic cube Exchange

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Good news players! The magic cube store has got some sweet new goodies! 

Garena again introducing some cool bundles with unique features, players can exchange it on the Magic Cube Exchange.

The following bundles have been added to the Magic Cube Store-

  • The Duchess Swallowtail bundle
  • The Mystic Seeker bundle
  • The Arcane Seeker bundles

How to Get these Bundles-  (the procedure is as same as previous)

First: you can get Magic Cube from the shop just follow the steps below-  

  • To redeem this Bundle, you need to visit  Shop
  • Tab on Redeem option
  • Select Magic Cube from it. (1 Magic Cube= 1 Bundle)

Second: You can also get Magic Cube by playing  Spin in Diamond Royale.

Third: you can also get Magic Cube by exchanging  100 Cube Fragments at Shop for this follow the steps below-

  • Click on shop
  • Tab on Redeem option 
  • Select Cube Fragments

So, what are you waiting for? Use your Magic Cubes to exchange for any of the Magic Cube new additions today!

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