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Garena Free Fire Latest Black Bear Tattoo Event

Back To Back Surprises!

Everyone loves surprises, this fact is well known by Garena and this is why Garena is giving surprises continuously, this time the surprise is quite attractive.

We got a leak about the Latest Free Fire surprise which is a Tattoo event known as the Black Bear Tattoo event.

The tattoo is naturally shaped like the face of a Black Bear which is quite large and funny when seen clearly enough.

Of course, this would make the event quite interesting. As the Black Bear Tattoo is relevant to the latest Makeup Feature that is currently available.

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By using the features of Black Bear Tattoo in this way. Players can pick up, even more benefits from the competition. Players have to complete the mission first so that later they can get the Skin from the Make-up.

Face with a cool look sounds exciting, By using this appearance the player can show off their tattoo to the opponent and make them jealous for fun.

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