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Garena Free Fire: You’ll get the chance to Exchange Magic Cube

The arrival of the new Bundle is good news for Free Fire players who are eagerly waiting for it. So that can be exchanged for using the Magic Cube. 

Here we have two new bundles -the Silver Titan Bundle and the Raptor Enforcer, these 2 Bundles Will Be Coming Tomorrow on Magic Cube Exchange.

From September 29, 2020 (tomorrow) you can exchange the above two Bundles for using the Magic Cube at the Shop.

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How to Get the Silver Titan and Enforcer Raptor Bundle

To get these bundles you need Magic Cube

First: you can get Magic Cube from the shop just follow the steps below-  

  • To redeem this Bundle, you need to visit  Shop
  • Tab on Redeem option
  • Select Magic Cube from it. (1 Magic Cube= 1 Bundle)

Second: You can also get Magic Cube by playing  Spin in Diamond Royale.

Third: you can also get Magic Cube by exchanging  100 Cube Fragments at Shop for this follow the steps below-

  • Click on shop
  • Tab on Redeem option 
  • Select Cube Fragments

In addition to the Silver Titan Bundle and the Raptor Enforcer, you can also exchange the Magic Cube with other cool Bundles: Duchess Swallowtail, King’s Sword, Bioforge, Crimson Red, Eagle of The Dusk, and much more!

The appearance of these two Bundles-

Silver Titan Bundle

The Silver Titan bundle consists of 5 parts: Headwear, Mask, Top, Bottom, and Shoes.

Silver Titan features a space soldier costume in red and silver shades. There is arm, leg armour, and cyborg glasses that give a futuristic look to your female character.

Enforcer Raptor Bundle

The Raptor Enforcer bundle consists of 4 parts: Headwear, Top, Bottom, and Shoes.

The Raptor Enforcer bundle has the appearance of a dark riot squad with a full-face helmet that makes your character even more manly.


The arrival of the Silver Titan and the Raptor Enforcer Bundles will remove the Perfect Rhythm Bundle from the Magic Cube Exchange.

So for those of you who still don’t have the Perfect Rhythm Bundle, immediately exchange your Magic Cube before its deletion.

Be ready to exchange your Magic Cube!

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