Freedom Face-Off BGMI Tournament 2021 Point Table

Krafton organized a Freedom Face-Off BGMI tournament on 75th Independence Day. 16 teams will participate team in this tournament. The prize pool of this tournament is 1.5 Lakh Indian rupees. Freedom face-off tournament is now completed and the point table is here.

Top 10 BGMI Players Ranking August 2021

Top 10 BGMI Teams Ranking [India]

Freedom Face-Off 2021 Winner Team

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Freedom Face-Off Point Table

1Team Encore37
2Team Scout33
3Team Jonathan27
5Team Haster20
6Team Kanika19
7Team Snax15
8Team Kraton15
9Team Ghatak 14
10Team Dynamo14
11Team Nova8
12Team VAdhiyaar4
13Team Payal 4
14Team Mamba3
15Team Kaztro3
16Team shreeman legend1
  1. Team Scout
  2. Team Dynamo
  3. Team Nova
  4. Team Payal
  5. Team Ghatak
  6. Team Kanika
  7. Team Encore
  8. Team Kronten
  9. Team Jonathan
  10. Team GodNixon
  11. Team Mamba
  12. Team Snax
  13. Team Hastar
  14. Tam Kaztro
  15. TReam Vaadhi
  16. Team Shreeman legend

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