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Free Fire: Yokai Soulseeker and Oni Soulseeker Bundles, Details Here-

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Who does not like the arrival of new- new things, so here is good news for Players who are eagerly waiting for the arrival of the new bundle as Garena Free Fire will soon introduce the Yokai Soulseeker bundle. (theme based on Japanese demons)

Players can get this Yokai Soulseeker bundle by collecting 600 points from the Daily Activity Points in a week, the period for this is from 28 September 2020 to 4 October 2020.

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Yokai Soulseeker bundle has white hair that is tied back using a red cloth. With a creepy green mask and a predominantly purple and sandy red outfit, the Yokai Soulseeker bundle is no less cool and good than the Oni Soulseeker boy bundle.

Let’s check the following mission list of the Daily Activity Point-

  • Login: 5 Daily Activity Points
  • Play 1 game  in  Rank Mode: 5 Daily Activity Points
  • Share  once: 5 Daily Activity Points
  • Reach the Top 15 in solo mode once: 10  Daily Activity Points
  • Reach the Top 5 in squad mode once: 10  Daily Activity Points
  • Play 3 games in any mode: 10  Daily Activity Points
  • Use 1 diamond: 15 Daily Activity Points
  • Collect 4 badges: 15 Daily Activity Points
  • Kill  5 enemies: 15 Daily Activity Points
  •  Accumulated playing 20 minutes: 15  Daily Activity Points
  •  Play 1 game  with friends: 15  Daily Activity Points

Players can also get a small prize if you get 20, 40, 60, 80, 100 Daily Activity Points every day. The prizes are 20 gold, Crate Armor × 2, Memory Fragment Misha × 5, Summon Airdrop × 2, and skin Groza-Great Plunder (24h) × 1.

Oni Soulseeker (Boy Bundle) is the latest addition to Free Fire’s collection of exclusive Diamond Royale rewards. Since it can only be acquired from the spin alone, the bundle is quite a rare find in the game. 

The Oni Soul Seeker is a set of 5 cosmetic pieces:

  • Oni Soulseeker (Top)
  • Oni Soulseeker (Bottom)
  • Oni Soulseeker (Shoes)
  • Oni Soulseeker (Head)
  • Oni Soulseeker (Facepaint)

It costs 60 Diamonds or 1 Diamond Royale voucher per turn, and players can purchase 11 rounds at the price of 10. Each spin will give you 1 Luck Point. And if you’re unfortunate enough not to get it after 100 rounds, you can trade 100 Luck Point for the bundle immediately.

How to spin a Diamond Royale-

Step 1: Click on the ‘Luck Royale’ option present on the left side of the main menu.

Step 2: Click on the ‘Diamond Royale’ option.

Step 3: Click on the Spin button. You will receive the rewards according to your luck.

Other than the Oni Soul Seeker bundle, players will also get a variety of rewards from the Diamond Royale. 

Players can also get one from the following list: 

  • Magic Cube
  • Magic Cube Fragment
  • Neolithic (Top/ Bottom/ Mask/ Shoes)
  • Paleolithic (Top/ Bottom/ Mask/ Shoes)
  • Flame Fighter (Top/ Bottom/ Mask/ Shoes)
  • Lady of Flame (op/ Bottom/ Mask/ Shoes)
  • Combat  Male  (Vest/ Pants / Boots)
  • Combat Female (Vest/ Shorts/ Boots)
  • Sneakers (Blue/ Black/ White)
  • Shorts (Camouflage/ Jungle/ Desert)
  • T-shirt (Dislike/ Like/ Smile)
  • Discount Coupon
  • 50% EXP Card
  • 50% Gold Card
  • Memory Fragments (28x Characters)

Test Your Luck! Don’t miss out on the chance to get the exclusive Yokai Soulseeker and Oni Soul Seeker bundle.

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