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Free Fire Season 29 Leaks: All you need to know about

Garena Free Fire Season 29 Elite Pass is coming very soon. Free Fire Season 29 Elite Pass is scheduled to release on October 1, 2020, With the previous season ending on September 30 and the developers would release the next Season Elite Pass very next day. 

Elite Pass ‘Celestial Street’ is Free Fire’s season 28 and now Free Fire Elite Pass Season 29 is set to come after the one-month successful launching of the previous season. Free Fire finally decided to go with a different and unique theme rather than just repeating the same old themes like the foxes and felines, samurai warriors, etc. But this time the Elite Pass theme is based on Egyptian Mythology.

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Elite Pass Season 29 will return to the typical Ancient Egyptian theme, Anubis Legends II. (continuation of the previous Anubis Legends Elite Pass.)

We’re expecting a lot from Season 29. Before the Free Fire Season 29 Elite Pass, you can keep an eye out for pre-orders as usual. pre-orders for every Free Fire Elite Pass are made available to players just three days before the official launch. (if you buy pre-order, besides being able to get 50 EP Badge, you will get an exclusive prize, namely Deathbox – Pharaoh Cat Loot Crate)

Similarly, the Elite Pass Season 29 pre-order will set you back 499 diamonds while you need to pay 999 diamonds for the Elite Bundle. Once done, you will have a chance to avail yourself of an exclusive reward for the pre-order.

How To Buy Elite Pass In Free Fire:

Step 1: Launch Free Fire on your mobile/PC emulator.

Step 2: Tap on the ‘Upgrade’ menu.

Step 3: Choose the Pass you want to buy and submit the payment. Note that your in-game wallet must have enough diamonds for the transaction.

According to leaks, a series of gifts are as follows:

  • Men’s Bundle Elite Pass Season 29 Anubis Legend II FF
  • Elite Pass Season 29 Anubis Legend II FF Women’s Bundle
  • Skin Pick Up Trucks and Pans
  • Backpack, Deathbox, Avatar, Banner
  • Grenades, Surfboard, Avatars

Rewards for Free Fire Elite Pass holders:

0–15 Badges– 

  • Firstly, you get the female zip-up jacket right at the starting.
  • on completion of 10 badges, you get the skin of the pan.
  • At 15 badges, you’ll get a skin of the blue pick-up truck vehicle
  • Collecting a few more badges towards the mark of 50 will give you a weapon royale voucher, 24h bounty card, avatar, banner, and a little gold, of course.

50–100 Badges-

  • On reaching 50 badges, you’ll get the female bundle.
  • At 80 badges, you get a really cool Desert Eagle G18 skin 
  • An astonishing surfboard is what gets unlocked in the completion of 100 badges. 

125–150 Badges-

  • At 125 badges, you’ll get a grenade skin.
  • Next at 150 badges, there is an amazing and quite unique loot box called the ‘Pharaoh Cat’ Loot Box. 

200–225 Badges-

  • At 200 badges, players get a very stunning backpack.
  • Finally, at 225 badges, the male bundle gets unlocked.
  • We hope this will help you to grab rewards from a brand new Elite Pass of October 2020.

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