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Free Fire Recharge event 1 of 3 will be available from the 7th of October 2020

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As we all know that, Garena Free Fire is absolutely free, with all content available to players, but players can buy in-game currency (Diamonds) to get items and for this, Time to time Garena brings Diamond Refill events, that bring exclusive items such as weapon skins, Characters, Incubator Projects, Elite Pass Badges, and several others.

Tomorrow on the 7th of October 2020 Garena’s New recharge promotion will arrive with lots of new and interesting items that have not yet arrived in the game.

Free Fire: 1 of 3, check out the next recharge event-

Garena Free Fire Recharge event 1 of 3 will be available from the 7th of October 2020 to the 10th of October 2020.

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Basically, Garena’s  Recharge Event is a promotion taken out by the developer of Free Fire, it is to boost players to embed diamonds in the game through free gifts available for each amount placed. To get one of the items listed below, Players need to recharge with a minimum of 300 diamonds.

3 items available for players to choose one of them are-

  • Lucky Green Pet Skin
  • Pointed Pumpkin Granada Skin
  • Loot Box Catastrophes

How to recharge Diamonds in the game-

To participate in the Recharges events, Players can choose 1 out of 3-

  • Purchase Diamonds directly through the Free Fire application
  • Purchase Diamonds through the Recarga Jogo website
  • Purchase Diamonds through the purchase of Gift Cards.

Every event apprises you of the minimum quantity of Diamonds to be refilled!

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