Free Fire OB-24: New function to save the HUD is coming

Garena will finally bring a way to save the HUD on Free Fire. This function arrived today in the new Advanced Server, and should be available for testing for a few days, until the arrival of the OB-24. But it is still uncertain whether the function arrives in the update.

To activate the new option, just access the game settings, go to ” Others “, and touch the ” Send ” button that is in the topic called ” Synchronize settings “. Ready. After that, your HUD, sensitivity, control and automatic collection settings will be saved in the cloud . If you need to uninstall Free Fire, or change your device sometime, just go to the same place and touch the ” Download ” button and everything will be back exactly as it was.

It’s been a long time since the community players started asking for this, and finally Garena brought it. That’s why we like to make it clear about how important your feedback is. Whenever a questionnaire comes out, or whenever the company makes a mistake, speak up. Your opinion is very important for the development of the game. Much more than you can imagine!

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