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Free Fire Advance Server September 2020 Brings New CS Strike Out Mode

Free Fire Advance Server September 2020 was here starting September 10, 2020 yesterday. Only the 50,000 fastest players can access the trial application from the next Free Fire update.

In Advance Server this September, we have a new mode called CS Strike Out. This mode has a game system like a tournament, where there are 4 to 6 teams fighting for BOOYAH !.

For example, here we will only play 4 teams. The 4 teams will be divided into two pots. Team A against Team B and Team C against Team D.

Each team has 3 lives, if that life runs out then the team is eliminated. For more details, let’s see the explanation below!

How to Play In CS Strike Out Mode

After Buddy Booyah enters the game, a team division tab will appear. The team will be divided into 4, namely Team A, Team B, Team C, and Team D. After the division of the team, you will automatically be chosen as your opponent.

If Buddy Booyah’s squad is selected to Team A, then the opponent is Team B. But if Buddy Booyah’s squad is selected to Team C, then the opponent is Team D. And vice versa. In addition, each team will get 3 sword-shaped lives.

After the team division tab, the game will start. The game in this mode is similar to the game in Clash Squad mode. After round one is over, the game tab will appear again. If Buddy Booyah loses, Buddy Booyah will lose one sword. But if Buddy Booyah wins, Buddy Booyah doesn’t lose a single sword.

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Entering round two, the team will be randomized again. Team B against Team D and Team A against Team C. After the game tabs are finished, round two begins. In round two, the way to play is the same as in the Clash Squad mode, which is buying weapons from the weapon shop.

After round two is over, as usual, the game tab will appear as you go to round three. If one of the 4 teams has run out of sword life, then that team will immediately be eliminated and return to the lobby.

On the other hand, the 3 teams that play will be in a 2 vs 2 system fight. If two of the Booyah Buddy squad lose, then Booyah Buddy will lose half of the life of the sword that Buddy Booyah’s team has.

To win this mode is very easy, Buddy Booyah must have the most lives and high points compared to other teams. Keep in mind that each round of Buddy Booyah will fight a different enemy.

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