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Free Fire Mystery Shop 11.0 Release Date?

The Free Fire Mystery Shop has gotten a leak, guys for September 2020, let’s see what’s up! We have entered September 2020, and of course, the Free Fire players can’t wait to hear about new events.

One thing that Free Fire lovers have been waiting for is the Mystery Shop 11.0 event,  which hasn’t been out for a long time. This is because Mystery Shop offers really cool items and bundles at huge discount prices! Apart from that, Garena also always gives extra prizes to players who shop at the Mystery Shop, which of course makes a lot of FF players happy.

The last time the Mystery Shop event was held was in July 2020, and now we have got a leak about the next Mystery Shop


For this special event, maybe it will have something to do with the ongoing event  Bermuda Plan. This very special collaboration event will certainly not be separated from the upcoming Mystery Shop.

Reportedly, the Bundle that will be in the Mystery Shop is the Money Heist Bundle which is also being targeted by Free Fire lovers.

The shape will be more or less like this and be reminded again that this is still a leak. Now the bundle above is a leak that will appear in the next Mystery Shop.


For the release date, we can take a look at the Mystery Shop of the past months which usually came out to accompany us. Normally, Mystery Shop will be out 5 days or a week before  Elite Pass ends, and now Elite Pass 28 is running. It is estimated that around September  25, 2020, the Mystery Shop will come out with an exciting new bundle. Of course, September 25th is still quite a while, guys, so you can save first.


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