Free Fire Leak about the latest Bundle: Mutant Killer

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The last few days have been very spectacular for the players and even then why not, after all, Garena has given many gifts (items) to the players.

As per the latest leaks, Garena again has a fascinating addition for its players, which is one of the most interesting things for us to try later. 

Are you Curious about the information? If yes, don’t worry friends we are always here for you.

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Free Fire Mutant Killer Latest Bundle Leaks

There are so many leaks surfing on the internet now, it is related to the next Free Fire Halloween Event, skins, items, bundles, etc. Of the various latest things now, all who attend will definitely be useful for later.

The Mutant Killer bundle will have a pretty cool effect, were from the animation just appearing he will turn his hand into a sharp knife formed from flesh and bones. Then attack one of the guards of the place who are imprisoning you and run away. That way the appearance of this Bundle too, will probably compete better when it comes later.

The bundle is one of the most desirable things. Maybe you will also be interested in getting this Bundle!

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