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Garena Free Fire King Boxer Spin Bundle Event

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Events are the most enjoyable part of Garena Free Fire, as they bring a lot of exclusive and unique stuff for players to engage them in the game. 

Some of these events are paid events whereas some are free (Players can easily win exclusive items in free without spending a penny.)

Continue in this, Garena Free Fire introduced a new KIng Boxer Event, it is for those players who want to get a male bundle from the Boxer bundle. The event started on the 2nd of October, 2020 and will end on the 8th of October, 2020.

How to Get the King Boxer Bundle-

Players can use either Spin or Lucky Stone to get the King Boxer Bundle. 

  • The King Boxer Bundle by Spinning-  There are 2 types of spins
    •  Basic Spin: 20 Diamonds (Low chance of getting jackpot bundle)
    • Premium Spin: 175 Diamonds (High chance of getting jackpot bundle)
  • The King Boxer Bundle by Lucky Stone- By this Player can increase their chances of getting the bundle jackpot by 10 times. The use of Lucky Stones is free for the first time, but after that, you have to pay 20 Diamonds.

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List of prizes other than the King Boxer Bundle-

  •  King Boxer Bundle (main)
  •  Pet Skin: Golden Leopard
  •  Diamond Royale Voucher
  •  Gold Royale Voucher
  •  Weapon Royale Voucher
  •  Dancing Panda 
  • Other Loot Crate prizes

 Later the prizes Plyers get will go directly to Vault / Collection / Weapons.

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