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Free Fire EVO Guns Leaks: AKM Blue Frame Draco & UMP Electric Effect

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Indeed weapons are the main part of any action game, similarly in Free Fire Booyah is impossible without the presence of weapons.

Previously, Free Fire always brings updates to its weapons for players’ better experience. Free Fire in its recent update patch OB24, has brought the addition of new weapons or attachments, to nerf and buffs on existing weapons to provide new experiences for its loyal players.

Garena always extends the players’ curiosity with this question that ‘What will be next?’. Free Fire, provides different types of weapons that we can use for Booyah also provides lots of weapon skins to make their appearance cooler. Weapons’ cool shape and animations make them different from each other.

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Garena rumored to be presenting rank Gun Skin newest on the top rank of “Legend”, the rank ” Evo “! Continue to this there is a leak that the newest Evo Gun will come out in October 2020, and the next Evo guns will be AKM Blue Frame Draco and UMP Electric Effect.

AKM Blue Frame Draco

This time AKM weapon skin is with an awesome dragon animation with the majority black and blue color also has a very cool feature. This will have wings as well as a dragon’s head, with blue flames on the body of the weapon.

Players can see the animation while using this weapon, also provides an emote for its users to show off (Players can get the emote above at level 8.). 

This weapon will get even more features as the weapon level continues to rise as-

  • Level 1- Status Damage (+), Rate of Fire (+), Movement Speed   (-).
  • Level 2-  Buff status becomes Damage (+), Rate of Fire (+), Movement Speed   (-).
  • Level 3- New look of weapons.
  • Level 4- Hit Effect opens, the Buff status becomes Damage (+), Rate of Fire (++), Movement  Speed   (-).
  • Level 5- Open Firing Effect, Kill Effect open.
  • Level 6- A new look of weapons, additional skill Damage when shooting an open Gloo Wall.
  • Level 7- New look of weapons.
  • Level 8- Exclusive Emotes open.

UMP Electric Effect

UMP skin will be the next Evo gun from the 2 Evo Guns that Garena will release later! it is really cool with a sky purple color with an electric effect in front of it. (This UMP skin doesn’t have any other complete leaks yet).

Until now, there is still no information on the price, how to buy!

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