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Free Fire: Surprise-Surprise-surprise Cheap Elite Pass arrives

es, it is absolutely true Cheap Elite Pass arrives. As we read in our previous post that Elite Pass “does not arrive” at Mystery Shop 10. But still, we have a chance to get it between the 21st and 26th of September because It is seen that In the last week of each month events bring the cheap Elite Pass, and the 21st to 26th of September is our last week.

The Free Fire Elite Pass is a paid resource, where you perform missions and earn badges to exchange for exclusive gifts each season. (Upgrading of the Elite Pass costs 600 Diamonds monthly)

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Garena confirmed that the resources will have a discount of up to 80% this September 2020, through the event called the Wheel of Discount.

[The Elite Pass: Battle of the Streets will only appear on your first prize list. If you choose to change this list of awards, it may or may not appear again. So, don’t forget, if you want to secure your September 2020 Elite Pass, don’t update your prize list before you buy it! ]

Free Fire Discount Wheel- The Elite Pass with discount arrives between the 22nd to 24th of September / 2020 where you can access the Discount Wheel.

For to access that wheel, what you need to do is-

First– Go to the game’s ads tab or click on the banner that appears on the main screen of the game.

Second– Once you access the event, you need to spin the roulette for free to get a discount. 

You are only allowed to buy one of the available items or change all the prizes that appear on the screen on the right. If the player wants to buy another item, it is necessary to turn the discount wheel again to get a new discount.

It is possible to get all the discounts available on the wheel, each discount is valid only once. Upon obtaining all-wheel discounts, it will restart.

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