Fortnite: Tip to turn on Visual Sound Effects

Fortnite: Tip to turn on Visual Sound Effects– Fortnite offers fights in an always developing space across a wide guide, and players that aren’t utilizing 3D earphones or an encompass sound speaker design were already in a tough spot against those that truly do have them. Having the option to discernibly distinguish a player running behind your crew used to be just conceivable assuming you had those adornments.

With the Visual Sound Effects choice in Fortnite, notwithstanding, this capacity opens up to all who play. Enacting the new setting is somewhat clear too.

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Steps  to turn on Visual Sound Effects:

  • First of all, you need to open the menu.
  • Then, Go to Settings.
  • After that, select the audio icon, and scroll down to the ‘Sound’ subset. Players will see an option ‘Visualize Sound Effects’ that defaults to off: toggle it on.

This results in a new HUD element, a transparent circle that is around the reticle, only becoming visible when sound effects occur in a limited radius (within audible range) near the player.

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