Fortnite: Learn How to slide in the Game

Fortnite: Learn How to slide in the Game– Learning how to slide in Fortnite is an important new element that you should know, as a simple addition to your movement mechanics can fundamentally change how you play the game. In the middle of a firefight, using your sliding ability will allow you to maintain momentum, avoid enemy attacks, and generally remain agile. It’s very likely to become a core mechanic that determines success across Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1.

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How to slide?

To slide in Fortnite is pretty simple – while running, hold down the crouch button (either right-stick or the CTRL button, depending on your platform), and your character will drop to their knees and skid across the ground, while still retaining the ability to fire. You can cancel out of the slide at any point after that simply by hitting the crouch button. You’ll be a smaller target, you’ll have the freedom to return fire, and you can stay moving while doing so. There’s also a small amount of control to alter your course, though it’s not like you can turn 180 degrees or anything like that.

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However, there are a couple of qualifiers to the sliding mechanic. The main thing is that your momentum isn’t indefinite – eventually, you’ll stop sliding. However, you can keep the length and speed higher by going down a slope, like a hill or similar. Head down a steep angle and you probably won’t stop until you reach level ground, and you’ll go faster the steeper that angle is.

There are additionally several new choices in the settings menu, including changing the slide trigger from hold to flip and adjusting the slide hold time, which decides how long you press squat for before it triggers the actual slide. Play with these until you observe the most agreeable settings for yourself, then, at that point, attempt power sliding across certain housetops until your knees are destroyed.

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