Fortnite: Icy Grappler in Chapter 2 Season 8

Fortnite: Icy Grappler in Chapter 2 Season 8: Fortnite adds a brand new item to Epic Games. It is the Icy Grappler, and it is something that many players want to try for them.

In this, Players can get the Exotic Icy Grappler by visiting Fabio Sparklemane at the Apres Ski lodge on the south side of the map. This new Icy Grappler is a mix of the Classic Grappler and the Freeze Trap. Players can use it to traverse the map or gain the high ground.

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You can find and purchase the Icy Grappler at the Apres Ski landmark located south of Misty Meadows. It’s the dance club where the Fabio Sparklemane NPC roams, offering quests and this new Exotic item as of the latest update. The Exotic Icy Grappler is available to purchase from the non-player character (NPC) for 400 gold bars.

The icy sliding mechanics are great for evading enemy crosshairs because they cannot predict the user’s direction after landing.

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