Fortnite: Fortnitemares 2021- Way to land witch’s broom while riding

Fortnite: Fortnitemares 2021- Way to land witch’s broom while riding– As we know that Halloween is coming so the Fortnitemare is already in Fortnite with an all-new set of challenges for us to complete. Also, with some good rewards to win. In this, your challenge is to find long and hard for the  Mythic-rarity broom of the witch. This is an item that you can use to traverse across the map. Here the task is to land carefully and successfully after the ride. It may take some tries to land successfully.

Where to get that witch’s broom found?

Well, to find the witch’s broom. Our suggestion is to kick start your search from risky reels- the landmark southeast of the pleasant park also the sideway anomalies will help you to find the broom.

How to land successfully?

After finding the witch’s broom. It is used by pressing the shooting trigger and continuing to press the trigger and the broom will be landed on a hard surface to complete the challenge after the short animation activities and broom lands. This has to be done 5 times to win the challenge.

Note: On completing this Fortnitemare event challenge will net you 2,800 XP — the same amount earned as the Collect Candy and Pumpkin Launcher quests.

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