Fortnite: Find the Level Up Token at Covert Cavern

Fortnite: Find the Level Up Token at Covert Cavern: This week’s Fortnite’s Monarch quest tasks the pack’s owners with finding a Level Up Token at the relatively new POI Covert Cavern. A visitor to the location will know just how expansive the location is within the mountain, so the challenge can be frustrating. No matter, there is one route you can take to nab the coin just seconds into a match.

Firstly, it is important to mention that the Level Up Token is inside Covert Cavern and not on top of its mountain. When inside, the token can be discovered on the top floor of the IO’s headquarters building, sitting on the walkway that overlooks the cavern’s body of water. 

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Remember one thing, To avoid enemies at the HQ, it is best to drop into the location through the mountain’s massive opening on its northern side. By doing this, you can swoop in with your glider and directly land on the token.

There are also a few weekly challenges that can only be done in Covert Cavern and that grant 25,000 XP each. For one, Week 12 hosts a quest that requires players to destroy at least 25 objects inside the location.

As for the rest of the active Monarch quests, be sure to gather all of Week 1 and 2’s tokens in order to unlock the Shattered Wings Back Bling and the Glow Wrap.

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