Fortnite: Find out the Level Up Token at Sunburned Shacks in the game

Fortnite: Find out the Level Up Token at Sunburned Shacks in the game-In Week 2 of the Monarch quests, players won’t be taking part in too many lesser-known landmarks, but there’s one you probably haven’t heard of. One of the Level Up Tokens will be located at a mysterious site known as Sunburned Shacks. As the name implies, the location is located on a beach, yet it is remote from any main points of interest.

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Sunburned Shacks is actually one of the islands shown on the east side of the game’s map. It is the smallest of the bunch and directly to the right of the Seven Outpost island. If you’re already in a match, we recommend going to it by taking one of the many speedboats that sit near Sanctuary’s coast. When you arrive at the island, look behind the red shack to find the token next to furniture on a boat dock.

The reward for completing each quest this week is Monarch’s black glow wrap, but to unlock it, you must have collected all Week 1 and Week 2 tokens. After obtaining the tokens, only 14 more tokens are required to unlock Monarch’s Golden skin style, which will be unlocked once the Week 4 challenges are released on March 10.

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