Fortnite command signal location

Fortnite command signal location– What is the location to reveal the Fortnite command signal? This is the question of almost all players who want to perform well in the game. So, here will tell you about everything you need to know where to go? And what to do? 

Well, in the Fortnite quest you will see emoting, jumping, and swinging a pickaxe for Ariana grande to fight with the cube queen. So, you have to do what you are told to at a specific location and by completing this stage of the quest in Fortnite you will reveal the queen’s command signal.

Where is the right location to reveal the signal we have 5 different places? Where you reveal the command signal and these are given below:

  • Believer Beach – Left of the pier sign as you face the beach, on the grass patch in front of Tacos.
  • Weeping Woods – By the water in the open area in front of the two main lodges.
  • Corny Crops – Between the main barn and the hole in the ground.
  • Misty Meadows – Take the stairs from the bridge towards the lake and you’ll see the sticks on the edge.
  • Retail Row – By the basketball court and swings on the southern edge of town.

At every location, you will see 3 blue topped sticks in a triangle formation around the purple tablet. When you reach near to the stick. You will see a hologram that will appear, performing one of three actions, emoting, jumping, and swinging a pickaxe. By mirroring the requested action on the sticks they will flash and the hologram will automatically disappear. And anyhow if you are unable to tell what is the action and work through all of them. The prompt will inform you when you are right. By doing all you can reveal the command signal and get the queen’s message by the end you will complete the challenge.

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