Fortnite: Collect Scrolls at IO bases

Fortnite: Collect Scrolls at IO bases– As we all know, Fortnite is continuously introducing new punchcards and challenges in chapter 2 season 8 of Fortnite. Dark Jonsey Can be seen roaming around the purple pool in steamy stacks with some new challenges. It is a bit different from the last season.

So the first challenge for the Player is to collect scrolls on the map at different IO bases. In this, you may get the exact location on the map. New bases have scroll inside on the ground. 

The buildings are small and on the ground floor, the scrolls can appear near the entrance. May all the bases does not have scrolls but we can find our scroll at the base to the south of steamy stacks to the southeast new cube.

You can find the rest of the Dark Jonsey The Oracle Speaks challenges below.

Note: When you finish a challenge you can now move directly on to the next one.

  • First of all, Collect Scrolls at different IO bases.
  • Then, Use a Shadow Stone, then recover the Spirit Vessel.
  • After that, Touch a Cube.
  • Destroy the Corruption Cluster and all Corruption Fragments.
  • Return the Spirit Vessel to the Oracle and hear his Vision.

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